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TERMS AND CONDITIONS Gadget Repair Experts

(0.0) You are entering into a relationship with us by using the services offered by Gadget Repair Experts. The conditions listed below outline your rights and our responsibilities towards one another.

(0.1) The terms and conditions of Gadget Repair Experts will only apply to the repairs and services we do for the devices being serviced.

(0.2) When using Gadget Repair Experts' repairs or services, we must warn you that the repairs made to any device given to us may void the manufacturer's warranty. Please be aware of this before giving your device to us, as we are not responsible for any manufacturer’s void warranty. If you have any doubt, we advise you to contact the manufacturers beforehand.

When does my warranty expire?

Screen Replacement
12 Months
Battery Replacement
12 Months
Other Component
90 Days
Logic Board Repair
90 Days
Software Repair
30 Days
Water Damage
30 Days

(0.3) Manufacturer seal: We need to open the waterproof seal to fix your gadget. Waterproof or water-resistant goods may not be valid after using our service. If this will affect your use of the gadget, we advise you to have the device repaired via the manufacturer to ensure a secure, waterproof closure.

(0.4) Whatever data or information you may have on your device will remain your responsibility, and we will not be liable for data loss. We highly recommend that you save a backup of your data from your device on your laptop or any other kind of external hard drive you may have.

(0.5) Gadget Repair Experts will not take any kind of responsibility for liquid-damaged devices as, depending on the extent of the damage, the repair could entail further damage, which would result in GRE being unable to repair the device.

(0.6) The warranty is only issued on repairs that have been agreed upon. Any additional issues you face after this that are not related to the original repair will not be covered by the warranty given.

(0.7) Gadget Repair Experts uses a specific type of warranty seal, and if this seal has been tampered with or has been removed, this will void any warranty you had with us.

(0.8) Your warranty will be void if a third party repairs your device after using Gadget Repair Experts' service. Please make sure if you have any issues with your device, please call us at 01344 482879 or visit us in store.

(0.9) We will offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for repairs related to liquid damage, and if the device has more problems related to liquid damage during the warranty period, we will be happy to look at it again and give you a quote for any other repairs that may be needed.

(1.0) We will ensure that we strive to repair your device in a given timeframe. This will be dependent on the availability of stock; however, additional time may be required to receive parts from our suppliers. If so, we will inform you of any changes in service time. We also make sure to run and carry out any tests that are needed to reassure you that you have all the information you need regarding the repairs to your device.

(1.1) Gadget Repair Experts' aim is to return your device within 3 working days; however, if extra work is needed (e.g., logic board or soldering work), this could result in a longer waiting period due to supplier stock. You will be informed in advance of the delays, which may take up to 7–10 working days; however, we cannot guarantee how long a device will take to repair.

(1.2) Your device will be stored for only 30 days. We reserve the right to recycle or resell your device if it has not been collected within this time frame. We also reserve the right to hold on to your device until all payments are made in full.

(1.3) If, for some reason, we cannot fix something because extra parts are required, which were not agreed upon at the beginning, we will contact you first and inform you of any extra payment we require before moving forward. If you do not want to pay the additional cost, your device will be returned without any repairs.

(1.4) In some cases, we may need access to your passcode to test any repairs that have been made; however, we are more than happy to wait till you return to test in your presence. If you leave the store prior to us being able to test the device, then the warranty cannot be offered as we haven’t been able to test it to our satisfaction, which is necessary for us to know that the repairs made have been successful.

(1.5) Gadget Repair Experts repair all devices with quality parts. We use third-party components for Apple devices that Apple has not formally endorsed. Other models may contain both third-party and original parts. Please specify if only originals are required when making a booking.

(1.6) If a third party has already repaired your device before we do the repairs, we do not accept any responsibility. The customer service team will contact you to discuss via call or email should any problem become evident.

(1.7) We are not responsible for your accessories, such as a phone cover, tempered glass, USB stick, or cards (SIM and memory cards). Please make sure you remove extras beforehand.

(1.8) There is no warranty for general services, such as cleaning water damage, a charging port, a speaker, or installing parts that you have supplied us with.

(1.9) If you wish to make a complaint, you may do so in the following way:
by calling in at 01344 482879. Or in writing, addressed to Gadget Repair Experts (9 Market Street, Bracknell, RG12 1JG), or by email: [email protected].
Proof of sending does not guarantee our receipt of your notice. You must make sure that you have received an acknowledgement from us, which you should keep.

(2.0) We allow you to return goods in addition to your legal rights. Please return the goods unused and undamaged.

(2.1) It may take a couple of hours to appropriately diagnose your device. This is a service we provide free of charge to all of our walk-in customers on the condition that we repair your device while it is on our premises. If you decide not to proceed with the repair, you will be charged a nominal diagnostic fee of £15. If your device is beyond economical repair, we will recycle it instead of charging you our nominal diagnostic fee.

(2.2) Once the repair is done, full payment must be made before the device can be given back.

(2.3) Gadget Repair Experts promise to keep all data and information on the device(s) private. With the exception of employees and representatives of the company who are servicing the device(s), who are bound by confidentiality agreements or as required by law.

(2.4) This contract is official as of the date you confirm a booking in-store, by phone, or on any online platform and lasts until your device is fixed, returned, or recycled and we have received any payment you owe us.